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Love what you do ... and do what you love
And this is what I do!

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About Amy

A lover of music, I spent many years in the radio business and continue my connection to that part of my life though my TV and voiceover work. As the radio business changed, I changed, too. My understanding and interest in my yoga practice began to grow and become so important to my own wellbeing. So, I shifted gears and became a yoga teacher. Yoga has changed my life in so many ways! I am less reactive, calmer and more connected to nature. Yoga has taught me to love life with all of its ups and downs. As a yoga teacher, I enjoy helping my students connect to their own innate sense of joy. There is nothing better than seeing someone's smiling face after a good savasana!  


After adopting Cody Boy, a beagle/Jack Russell terrier mix who needed a ton of exercise, (he was a handful as a puppy,) I started Peaceful Pets. My yoga practice has helped me to connect and understand dogs and all of their quirks, and to deal with them in a calm, but firm manner. There is nothing better than seeing a new dog join the pack and run off leash with his or her new pals! 


I love what I do ... and do what I love. In yoga we call it finding your darma or your life's purpose. I live near the beach in Narragansett with my husband Charlie and two dogs Cody Boy and Luna. 

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